Quick Detection & Suppression System

Detect and Suppress Fire within seconds.

Water Mist Fire Suppression System


Quick Detection & Suppression System is a revolutionary new, yet simple and effective detection and extinguishing system. The effectiveness of the systems comes from the high-tech polymer tubing which will rupture when exposed to Flames. The detection tubing is routed throughout the protected zone. When Fire started, the tubing will burst at its hottest spot.

The extinguishing agent will then be discharge through the nozzle-like opening & suppress the Fire in Seconds before any further damages is being done. The systems do not required any electricity or external power source & thus in the event of power failure it also provide the vital Fire protection.

Quick Detection & Suppression systems can also be provided with Audible Alarm & Manual Release as an option.

Benefits of Quick Detection & Suppression System

  • Fully Automatic & Does not require any external power supply.
  • Can be installed in any inaccessible area with its Flexible tubing.
  • Continuous linear detection along the entire tubing.
  • Suppress Fire within seconds thus minimizing damages.
  • Cost effective.
  • Virtually fail-safe.
  • Variety of fire suppressant such as CO2, Dry Chemical, FM200, and Water Mist can be used.
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • Quick and simple installation.

Types of Quick Detection & Suppression System

Direct Low Pressure (DLP) :

The Direct Low Pressure System (DLP) utilize the detection tubing as both Fire detection as well as delivery system for the Fire suppressant. The portion of the tube nearest to the Fire will rupture with a nozzle-like opening. The pressure drop in the tube causes the release of the suppressant from the cylinder through this opening.


Indirect Low Pressure (ILP) :

For Indirect Low Pressure System, the detection tubing act just as a Fire detection device. The Fire suppressant is delivered through copper, brass or stainless steel tubing. Once the detection tubing rupture, the suppressant is discharged through several strategically placed nozzles within the protection enclosure.

High Pressure System (HPS) :

This line of product is available in both Direct and Indirect system. It allow for delivery of high pressure suppressant such as CO2.



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